Sail Clothing Shop
Website: Musto
Phone: 01983 296864
Address: 125 High Street, Cowes PO31 7AY

Your adventure is Musto’s challenge. They engineer technical clothing to help you perform at your peak.

Built on 50 years of engineering cutting-edge performance apparel, they are the world’s leading sailing brand and a British leader in shooting and equestrian sports. They use the same fabric technology that protects the ocean racers, keeping you dry and comfortable whether you are in the saddle, shooting or practicing any outdoor activities.

Their designers are fanatical about detail and style. From the precise placement of ergonomic panels on active jackets to the careful crafting of the handmade leather shoes, this is where style meets hi-tech performance. They only work with the best manufacturers so you can be assured of Musto quality every time.

They are British from the beginning, but their clothes, footwear, luggages and accessories are designed with an international outlook so you can be active in all climates, on all terrains, anywhere in the world. From leisurely weekends in the country to battling storms in the Southern Ocean, Musto performs so you can too.

They test their products to the extreme in the world’s most hostile environments, and in the labs, to drive innovation so you can trust their products to perform and endure. People often tell of their twenty-plus-year-old Musto garments that have been used incessantly and are still performing well. Their famous durability is why they offer a guarantee for the lifetime of many of their garments.

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