Call It What You Want

From Louisianna Fish Chowder to Reuben Steak with Swiss Cheese and more besides. Licensed Bar too – well worth a visit.

Phone: 01983 302666
Address: 62 High Street, Cowes PO31 7RL

This attractive venue retains the tiled walls and meat hooks from way back when it a butchers. Various pretenders have come and gone in recent years and we have tried – and enjoyed – them all: Brawn’s, Nomad Cowes, Prawn and Co and now CIWYW.

There are no printed menus here; the bill of fare is written in marker on a roll of brown paper, and also in huge letters on the windows to draw you in. Sit at a long communal refectory-style bench (which can be an excellent decision), or there are smaller tables if you don’t fancy sharing your eating space. The back room is even more intimate, with low-lighting and proximity to the tiny kitchen, where the magic occurs.

The restaurant’s Deep South creole concept comes from the dishes’ names, which included griddled voodoo chicken breast, three-fish Louisiana chowder, and yee-haw beans. The waiter is happy to talk about the dishes and advise on what you might like – showing a pleasingly in-depth knowledge of the menu as well as some great, helpful service.

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