Terms and Conditions

We seek sponsors to demonstrate how much they love Cowes, by putting their name in lights with an advert at the top of one of our pages for a period of 30, 60 or 90 days. We will add a picture or logo of your choice and provide a link through to your own page. If you don’t have a destination page set up already, contact us – we may be able to help!

Our rate card is £30 per 30 days, irrespective of which page you choose to sponsor. We offer a discount for bookings of more than 30 days.

We have defined an ad space for the top of each page. All our ad spaces hold only one advert at a time, so you are assured of reaching your audience throughout the duration of your booking. All our ad spaces are set up to show adverts in the same way, (although this can be modified). Similarly, the appearance of the advert itself can be modified from the initial default setting.

The page sponsorship adverts are at the top of each page and occupy the full width. For this reason we require a particular-shaped picture. Please prepare your advert as an image with a size of 1000×200 px. Once you upload the image, it will show in the preview window.

Once you submit your booking, we will review it and, all being well, approve it by the next business day. Your ad will then begin its time on the appropriate page. Ads will not be accepted that contravene our rules on decency and accuracy.

We accept payment by credit card using the booking form below.

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