Purpose and Aim

We aim to promote a positive image of Cowes and East Cowes through social media and via our website with the intention of encouraging more people to visit and stay in both towns.

What are we doing?

  • We have a website (this one!) that provides information including how to get here, where to stay, where to eat and what to do. Each business can have an entry on our site
  • We are busy on twitter promoting positive views of the towns and encouraging people to visit
  • We post scenic views of Cowes and East Cowes on Instagram to let people know what a beautiful area we live in
  • We provide information about and links to other organisations and facilities which may help people visiting, such as Red Funnel and the town councils
  • We have other plans in place including providing walking routes through the towns to encourage people to spend time here and providing information to visiting cruise ships

How can you help?

We all need to work together to promote the towns but we could really do with some help from you as a business owner. It’s not much we are after but every little helps and it shouldn’t cost you!
If you could do one or more of the following it would be a great help.

  • Point your customers and guests to our website
  • Tell us about events so we can promote them
  • If you host bands, add them to our gig guide
  • Follow us on twitter
  • Use the #ilovecowes hashtag
  • Put our free sticker in your window
  • Link to us on your website
  • Tell others about ilovecowes.com
  • Send us some information to put on our website against your business
  • Write a guest blog entry about why you love Cowes
  • Make suggestions for ways we can promote Cowes and East Cowes
  • Sell our merchandise for us
  • Display our poster for us
  • Buy our merchandise. OK this bit does cost something!
  • Advertise with us. And this one!

Advertise with us

It’s always good to promote your business and if you advertise with ilovecowes.com you’ll also be helping us to promote Cowes and East Cowes. You can sponsor a page here.

Buy our merchandise

We have a range of merchandise with our flashy logo on it. If you want to get your hands on some then go to our shop and place an order.
If you have a business in Cowes or East Cowes then you can claim a free sticker to display in your window!
You can also buy branded clothing and other items in our shop.


Visitor Poster


In case you need them, here are the links to our logo files. The logo is trademarked but we do give permission to use it if you are linking to our website. If you want to use it for any other purpose, e.g. producing your own products to sell, then please get in touch to discuss licencing.

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